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Welcome. Weekly updates provide AP English Language and Composition students at De Anza High School access to content and resources shared publicly on this site.


Hey Advocacy students, here is the link to watch the DA Weekly this week.


Greetings new students for the 2018-2019 school year. I look forward to working with all of you.

This website often serves as a place where Mr. Nugent creates his lesson plans; in that regard, it becomes a kind of teaching blog. It acts as a supplement to Google Classroom where additional resources and information appear in a stream more closely resembling social media.

Work cannot be submitted to this website, nor should it be submitted via email. All assignments completed digitally must be submitted to Google Classroom; class codes will be distributed and posted in class.


Attention all English 3 Students:

Today is the last chance to turn in any missing work to be counted toward progress reports. Thank you to those of you who are wearing scrubs today, it is required every Monday for full participation credit.

We will take a brief break in using our Prentice Hall Literature textbook. After we take the quiz today (Monday, the 18th), we will read one more short story from O'Brien that will be printed out for you. This reading will lead you into our next creative writing assignment.

We will begin our final unit for the quarter next week. We will read the play The Crucible in our textbooks, so you will need to continue bringing it to class.


All English 2 and 3 students have until Friday, 15 September 2017 to turn in all assigned work up to the end of this week. This includes classwork assignments given on Thursday and Friday.

All grading for progress reports will be done over the weekend. If there are problems turning in work, self-advocate and meet with me to arrange something, or send an email explaining your situation to


Attention all English 2 and English 3 students: please continue to bring your textbooks to class every day. There will be another inspection in approximately two weeks, and it's best just to remain in the habit of bringing the book to class as a force of habit.


Happy Spring Break. Your teacher will be in Santa Cruz reading books.

Get your mind off school for a little while.




Attention English 2

Mr. Nugent has decided to count your self-selected critical thinking worksheets for Brave New World as your next quiz grade. You have all week to complete two worksheets. Aside from submitting missing work or redoing low scores, this is the best way to bring your grade up.


Attention all students, it's been tough getting caught up on grades and I am aware that untimely entries into Powerschool with heavily weighted assignments without clear due dates is not great teaching. I will be sure to do a better job of avoiding these types of situations for the rest of the semester. Nonetheless, issues with missing work and late assignments must not be dealt with during class time, unless you are challenging a grade because of a mistake made on my part. If this is the case, please inform me at your desk and I will remedy the issue as quickly as I can.

To make the best out of each lesson, I need all the limited time we have together to try and push you to understand what we are reading and help you apply that knowledge to your writing, thinking and speaking. This means issues with grades must be dealt with during the last 2-3 minutes of class which I hand over to you, or during lunch Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and/or ideally during my office hours Wednesdays and Fridays after sixth period.


All grades are current in PowerSchool. All late work, quizzes, and missing assignments of any kind are due: Monday, 9 January 2017.

You are encouraged to check your grades at the beginning of class to see what you are capable of accomplishing during class or during lunch. Mr. Nugent has to attend the staff meeting after school, but he will be back in the classroom working late afterward. If the door is locked, slide work under the door and it will be graded.

As an alternative, you may send any work in a digital format to before deadline at 12:00 midnight, Monday. You may also choose to submit an email informing Mr. Nugent of when you will be able to submit any late work before the end of the week. You will have to set a date and time of submission and follow through with your request to receive a grade for said assignment.

Unless you have special circumstances which you have discussed with Mr. Nugent, the only things to be submitted to 7-212 after Monday are your final and creative presentation.


For this Advocacy Friday, please support our Health Academy Integrated Project by completing the following survey:


Remember folks, Google is not a source and does not qualify for attribution. You have to look at the names of the articles and authors that Google uses to acquire that information. You are the one collecting sources, Google just shows you where to find them.

Papers with no attribution (citing sources) with factual information that is not your own original thinking are in violation of the Academic Honesty Policy and will not be graded.


Real Talk

Mr. Nugent is real tired of smartphones in class. New policy goes into effect Thursday.




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